Climb Higher with Habaka,
Ignite the Fire Inside


Be part of the Change

Imagine a future in which Madagascar and its people journeyed to new heights, with fihavanana abundant between people.

Technology for Revolution

Habaka believes in empowering the youth of Madagascar to make a positive change in the lives of others through technology, science and their creativity.

Communities for Action

Join communities of Malagasy youth, each empowered to mampiakatra Madagascar, each inspired to share their ideas and angovo with the world.

Reach for the Sky

With Habaka you can climb higher and ignite the fire inside.

Our communities

Kilalao vita Gasy! Interactive multimedia by Malagasy youth, for the world!

Game Development

Always find your way in Madagascar, thanks to the constant pathfinding and categorising of the OpenStreetMaps community!

Open Street Maps

A combination of human brilliance and artificial intelligence will change the way the world works for the better!

Machine Learning

"Tantely tapa-bata ka ny fo no mameno azy."

"This is only half a pot of honey, but my heart fills it up."

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About us

We imagine a connected world, brought together by the passion and creativity of those who are willing to change society.

We want to bring change through our business incubator and to be a dynamic technology hub for Madagascar.

Our mission

We seek to empower young Malagasy people to make a meaningful impact in the world through technology. 

What we offer

  • Fablab for cultivating ideas
  • Co-working space for growing start-ups
  • Trainging to youth in business and technology
  • Business incubation programmes for entrepreneurs